Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deconstructing Old Ads with Bill Sonnett

No Rod -- No Problem

From the vast archives of my friend Jerry Martin comes this October 1901 ad as seen in Outing Magazine. I am reminded of two things when I read this ad. First is the unique (sometimes bordering on bizarre) quality of very early Shakespeare advertisements. Secondly, though this ad is for the aluminum Revolution, we can make an educated guess that this event took place in 1900 in order to make into the April 1901 edition of Outing. In 1900 the boy would have been using the wooden Revolution. The first time I read the box papers for the wooden Revolution, which was kindly supplied to me by another friend Dan Basore, I was a bit amazed to read the section entitled "Instructions to Fishermen."It is reproduced here. We have to keep reminding ourselves that most folks during the early days of wooden bait development had not even seen baitcasting equipment, let alone have access to it.

-- Bill Sonnett

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