Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Review: Phil White's Meisselbach Web Site

Thursday Review: Phil White's Meisselbach Web Site

Today we profile a web site that deserves to get a lot of traffic, by an old friend to all tackle collectors--Phil White.

The author of a pair of great books on the subject, Phil has put together his 30+ years of Meisselbach information into an informative and attractive web site.

A.F. Meisselbach & Bro. contains not just the history of the firm, but sections on Fly Reels, Casting Reels, Salt Water Reels, Trolling Reels, Misc. Items, References, and even a section on Dating Reels. The latter section is particularly useful, as it allows the reader to date fly reels by the handle knob.

While the site is a work in progress, it is a fantastic start and promises to be an incredibly useful site for the reel collector.

-- Dr. Todd