Monday, December 21, 2009

News of the Week: 21 December 2009

West Virginia angler launches a new lighted fishing in Minneapolis...Pflueger plays a part in a WWII history book...chinooks v. croc v. nile perch, part deux...Rapala buys a new toy...Yo-Zuri...walleye pro Mike Gofron sounds off...for one guide work = play...a 1930s rod, restored...spey casting must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!
The Big Lead: A West Virginia angler is set to launch his Night Light Fisherman rod.

My old stomping grounds of Lake Nokomis are being subject to "bio-manipulation."

A new book about a WWII airman from Akron who's wife worked at the Pflueger factory while he was fighting Nazis in Europe promises to be a fine read.

The return of the Chinook promises to be a boon.

A Cornish angler is set to get a record.

More on the man vs. Crocodile vs. Giant Nile Perch.

Piggeyback spoons are killer for bluegill.

Rapala VMC buys Ultrabite.

Aussie angler pens his second fishing book.

Yo-Zuri lures, kayaks, and old friends.

20 questions with walleye pro Mike Gofron.

Wahoo! Angler is surprised by big catch.

A Mille Lacs fishing guide says work = play.

Sturgeon lighten up a dismal angling day.

A 1930s vintage fishing rod has been restored for a local British museum.

The right equipment is everything in ice fishing.

Finishing with a Flourish: How to improve your spey casting.

-- Dr. Todd

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