Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Funhouse

Video of the Week

Here's a great segment of "How's It Made" featuring Penn Reels.

Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

A Winchester lure in the box is definitely going to make someone's x-mas very merry.

The Perfect gift for the Hardy fan.

A nice Heddon "O" is a great lure.

Holy Punkinseeds, Batman!

This is a super cool Chapman spinner!

Ah, the loveliness that is the Bar Perch.

I may not know how to pronounce it, but the Holzapfel is a sweet bait.

Bingo ! Doug English strikes again.

This is a wonderful early Al Foss Little Egypt in the box!

George Grant was a genius, and here's the proof.

Charlie Russo had the coolest logo. Ever.

Bagley fans rejoice! The Bagley book is right around the corner, AND this DB-3 will make you smile.

A Tuttle 6-pack doesn't come around often.

A Spin Diver in Green Crackleback is a great find.

The Myopic Minnow may not be able to see straight, but at least 9 bidders don't seem to care.

One of the rarest lures to come to market is this Irgens Minnow.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend, and be good to each other--and yourself!

-- Dr. Todd

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