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News of the Week: 26 May 2008

Mid Barbour was the queen of the river rats...a man collects lost bobbers...debate over the saltwater angler's license...silver kings light up the Gulf...fishing Argentina, NY Times style...a fishing hat weaves a story...a fluke opener...where did the 'cudas go?...a history of A.H. Johnson Department Store (purveyors of tackle)...the Bait man cometh...Maltese anglers up in arms...babes on the bay...wounded vets taught to fly fish...it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The Life and Times of Mid Barbour, Queen of the river rats.

A Milwaukee man's hobby is collecting lost bobber from the local lake. 1500+ of 'em. Seriously.

Surf angler lands 50.75 pound striper.

One writer thinks the saltwater fishing license is a good idea.

The Silver Kings are lighting up the Gulf.

The august New York Times reports on fishing at the end of the world.

North Carolina anglers give a serious boost to the economy.

The Nashua Telegraph argues that bluegills are for the kids.

The owner of Mack's Bait Shop--an Alabama institution--passes.

Florida marine artist selected for the IGFA Hall-of-Fame.

One man's fishing hat is at the center of this tale.

The Bleacher Report opines on a new obsession: fly fishing.

A new jig leads The Dayton Daily News list of new outdoor gear.

A total fluke of an opening.

Where have all the 'cuda gone?

Dr. Julia Ball teaches us how to fish for black drum.

An Aussie angler is named a fishing legend.

One man foresees rough waters ahead for the boating industry.

The L.A. Times pigpiles on the great Hammerhead Shark controversy.

This article outlines the history of the Andrew H. Johnson department store, which sold fishing tackle. All of which means I am TOTALLY geeked up to find a piece of A.H. Johnson fishing tackle!

A Detroit Lakes tackle shop owner is dubbed "the Bait Man.".

From the Mediterranean island of Malta comes news that the world is the same wherever you go: their fishermen are angry, too, about new rules for amateur anglers.

Sigh. More recalls of fishing tackle.

A man, his older brother, and a fish hook in the thumb.

First Place (Tie) in the Trite Expression Contest: The recession is reeling in more anglers.

First Place (Tie) in the Trite Expression Contest: The Boston Globe opines on the lure of fishing. Because, you see, "lure" is both a noun and a verb. Clever, eh?

A Ludlow angler wants to catch all 22 native Massachusetts species.

Babes on the Bay was a huge success.

The Joy of Carp.

Finishing with a Flourish: Wounded vets learn to fly fish.

-- Dr. Todd

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