Monday, May 4, 2009

News of the Week: 04 May 2009

An author has an 8 hour battle with a shark...a Croton man catches a massive striper...tracking tarpon...uniting the Fly tiers of Tahlequah....the Baghdad Angler's Club...Carp Mania in Saginaw...building a better bass trap...catching today's bass on yesterday's must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: This author goes toe-to-fin with a massive shark.

A Croton man catches a massive 52 pound striper.

In Texas City, the annual Tackle Time fishing tournament goes on.

How to track the tarpon.

Fly tiers of Tahlequah, unite!!!

Lures matter for all types of anglers.

More info on how you can help the Baghdad Angler's Club.

I guess that's why they call them the Blues.

A second daytime swordfish is caught on Treasure Coast in just two weeks.

The author of "Why Fellers Go Fishin'" gets a new biography.

A father-son duo pursues fish in all 50 states.

From the Carp Mania Files: Anglers from around the nation descend on Saginaw for the Carp Classic.

Striking it big with Thin Fish lures.

A new novel about a fly fishing woman sounds interesting.

How to build a better bass trap.

Local Sierra Foothill fishing author has a new book.

An Ohio angler boats a big Blacktip Shark.

Finishing with a Flourish: Catch today's bass on old time topwater baits.

-- Dr. Todd

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