Monday, May 18, 2009

News of the Week: 18 May 2009

A trove of ancient Egyptian fishing tackle is found...NYC hosts a unique tournament...a Vermont hatchery is slated to close...the Civil War spills over onto the water...a custom rod maker is go fishing...bears and wild rivers make a reel angler...huge sharks lurk offshore in Australia...more controversy surrounds world record must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Egyptologists discover huge cache of ancient Egyptian fishing tackle.

Ray Sasser says catching fish is as easy as casting a line.

New York City is hosting a fishing tournament like no other.

Closing a Vermont fish hatchery makes no sense whatsoever.

Get prepared to pay a new saltwater fishing fee...

Some good advice for fishing tackle.

Minnesota's Little Bear Bait and Tackle is stuffed to the gills with stuff.

A fish story with a happy ending...kind of.

A new bait shop opens in St. Mary's, GA.

Oregon-Oregon State's Civil War spills over onto the water.

The BBC reports that many key coral reefs are in danger of disappearing.

A portrait of custom rod builder Rick Smith.

These school children get a great opportunity to go fishing.

Field & Stream's John Merwin ways in on the great braid debate.

Clyde Hogan is the prop master.

Wild rivers and bears mark the true reel fisherman.

Aussie anglers are not phased by massive shark that lurks just offshore...

Finishing With a Flourish: More controversy over the world record Hammerhead Shark.

-- Dr. Todd from the Frozen North (Duluth, MN)

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