Monday, May 11, 2009

The News of the Week: 11 May 2009

A popular Montana tackle shop owner dies tragically...Reef Runner lures get profiled...drum fishing is down while tarpon fishing is up...a new fly fishing movie is about to drop...the arrival of the herring is records over three generations old...drunk British reprobate gets 16 months in jail for stealing tackle...a hammerhead shark photo you have to see...Martin Truex Jr. claims he's Sprint Cup's best angler...rock snot...more Aussie tackle shops get burgled...rodmakers Kris Kritufeg and Meg Ingram get obituary for live bait...British man uses fishing rod to smuggle drugs into prison...the great Stu must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Tragedy strikes Montana as a popular fly tackle shop owner drowns.

The down economy is the best time to start a tackle company.

The skinny on Reef Runner lures.

Dr. Julie Ball reports that the drum run is being upset by untimely weather.

On the other hand, good weather is boosting the tarpon fishing.

A review of the new fly fishing movie Rivers of a Lost Coast..

Saltwater anglers await the arrival of the herring.

Some current world records are over a century old...

From the Life Lessons File: British man drinks 15 cans of lager. Beats up angler and steals his gear. Now he's going to jail for 16 months. See? The system does work.

From the "I Think We're Going to Need A Bigger Boat" Files: Photos of the world record hammerhead shark...being boated. Incredible.

Walleye wishes and pike dreams...

Kyle Busch has a rival now as Martin Truex Jr. proclaims himself the best angler in the Sprint garage.

Man, do I hate rock snot...

Dennis Anderson writes an obituary for live bait.

It's officially an epidemic: burglars steal another $53,000 in Aussie reels.

Three words: crankbaits, crankbaits, crankbaits.

Let's all celebrate the holidays by fly fishing.

From the Old School Files: this "radical" rod design ditches the trigger...just like all rods made before the 1930s...just sayin'.

From the British Love Their Rods files: A 14 foot fishing rod used to smuggle drugs into Ranby prison...

Local Brainerd, MN rodbuilder Kris Kristufek gets profiled.

10-year old boy much better angler than you, wins third straight Casting for Kids championship.

10-year old girl much better angler than you as well, breaks two fishing records.

Gray's Sporting Journal gives us a neat piece from fly angling icon John Gierach.

Meg Ingram is a custom rodbuilder in Watertown and the owner of Damon Rods looking to make a name for herself.

Finishing With a Flourish: Stu Apte's new autobiography gets a big bump, courtesy of The Miami Herald.

-- Dr. Todd

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