Saturday, October 27, 2007

Piscatorial Wars by Robert Hann

My favorite Wisconsin ex-pat. Tom Jacomet sent this to me recently. It is a nifty poem by Robert Hann that touches on a lot of what I think when I hold an old fishing lure. They are more than just works of art, they are permeated with history...enjoy!

Piscatorial Wars

By Robert Hann

I like to take old fishing lures
and hang them on my wall
the wooden ones with old glass eyes
I like the best of all.

They're more than decoration
though Christmas like they seem
these little bits of painted wood
that still shimmer and gleam.

And though some baits are worn and scarred
with tooth marks and their paint is marred
to me it isn't very hard
to hear the tales they tell.

They speak to me of days gone by
and battles by the shores
between old fishermen and fish
and piscatorial wars.

Most of these old fishermen
are no longer alive
their baits and lures upon my wall
are all that still survive.

They hang as a reminder
tribute to the men of yore
the ones who fought the battles in
the piscatorial wars.

-- Dr. Todd

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