Monday, October 29, 2007

The News of the Week, 29 October 2007

A ban on fishing?...a pro fisherman who travels in style...the joys of Kob fishing…Bangladeshi fishermen who poison rivers filled with poison fish…the South hates Dardevles…Pope wins a fishing tournament…it must be The News of the Week!

THE BIG LEAD: The Kane County Chronicle alerts us to
the moronic minority who seeks to ban fishing...and they may be targeting your home town next.

The South Bend Tribune reports on a pro fisherman who travels in style.

C'mon now, how much fishing tackle can he possibly have?

Early champion of Kingfish conservation is featured in a new book.

The Bend (OR) Weekly tells us to finesse fish in shallow water.

The IGFA held its hall-of-fame inductions. Shockingly, fish stories played a big part in the induction speeches.

J.B. Kasper in The Trenton Times tells us that Pres. Bush's recent order banning the commercial sale of drum and stripers is a good first step.

From the Alarming News File: Fishing is on the decline in Colorado.

Last week: Geelbek fishing. This week: Kob fishing. Got to love South Africa.

The Roanoke Times introduces us to man who could catch bass out of flooded cow tracks. Note to Self: find out what a cow track is...

From the Obvious File: The Naples Daily News says to find the fish, you must first find the bait. Next week: Find the sunken tree, lose the lure.

Idaho's KPVI tells us of the joys of sturgeon fishing.

Surface fishing in Ocean City has its rewards. No word on whether an Ocean City reel was used.

D'arcy Egan of the Cleveland Plain Dealer tells us the plain truth: fish don't care if you paid $389 for your Shimano Calais CL100A Reel.

In-Fisherman Magazine informs us on bass tinkering.

The aptly named Galesburg (IL) Paper relates the tale of a thrilling first catch.

Baltimore high school senior hopes to make a living fishing.

The President's annoucnement, according to Annapolis Capital is a boost to sportfishing.

The Bangladesh Daily Star weaves a tale of greedy fishermen who poison rivers filled with poisonous fish. In unrelated news, poisson is the French word for fish.

The Macon Telegraph tells us that the Dardevle is a damn Yankee product and isn't worth a plate of grits for fishing in the South. Insert "Yee Haw" here. Or is it "Hee Haw." I forget. I do know dardevles have caught a lot of bass, even in the South, in their day.

Pope cashes in $3000 at fishing tournament. No word on whether he was wearing his pointy hat.

Nope. No pointy hat.

The beauty and splendor of... the shark.

UPDATE: We reported earlier on the murder of a fishing boat captain in Florida. Two men were finally indicted in the murders.

ENDING WITH A FLOURISH: Largest kid's fishing tournament to be held in Miami.

-- Dr. Todd

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