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News of the Week, 01 October 2007

A fishing charter turns to piracy and murder...the stupidity of Alligator fishing...a septegenarian cowboy lasso's a 100-pound gar with an achor rope...a guy catches an 85-pound Blue Catfish and its still 39 pounds short of his neighbor's fish...NASCAR's Ryan Newman new fishing poster boy...the same feathers you use to tie flies are used by must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Huntsville Times opines on the NFLCC sanctioned River City Antique Tackle Show. Always good to see a show get a bump from the media.

Speaking of which, The Decatur Daily News also profiled the NFLCC Decatur Show.

NFLCC Members Steve Glenn and Billy Prince looking over lures

The Asbury Park Press profiles the Bogan family, who have been ferrying weekend fishermen for four generations. No information on how many cases of seasickness they have caused.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports on the evolution of the bobber. HINT: They still float.

77 year-old Texas cowboy catches then lasso's 100-pound Alligator gar with the anchor rope. Proceeds to rip its still beating heart out of its chest and eat it raw while lamenting the unmanly state of modern American men.

The Tallahassee Democrat warns us to be thankful for estuaries. And no, he's not talking about female reproductive organs.

Nextel Cup racing star Ryan Newman is addicted to fishing. A million rabid NASCAR fans immediately turn in oil pans for fishing rods.

Fishing pro and tackle manufacturer Ted Takasaki, president of Lindy-Little Joe Lure Company, has a really, really good week. First he is profiled by The Cleveland Plain-Dealer about trying to balance fishing with promoting his tackle. Then, Fortune/CNN profiles Lindy-Little Joe as a small company making big moves.

Ted Takasaki had a better week than you did

From the Keeping Up with the Jones File: The Godfrey News-Democrat regales us on an 85 pound Blue Catfish caught in the Mississippi, but then blithely reports it is not even the biggest blue catfish caught by a resident of Godfrey, population 16,000 (world record holder Tim Pruitt is also from this town). Complete with world's smallest internet photo.

David Asaro's puny 85-pound blue catfish is 39 pound smaller than his neighbor Tim Pruitt's; tiny picture subconsciously mocks the small catch

The Jacksonville Times tells us about the hunt for red (drum) October. Sean Connery and his horrific Russian accent is not mentioned.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel regales us on a tale of fishing, piracy and murder. For $4000, Florida fishing charter boat takes shady clients on one-way trip to Bahamas where no fishing is involved. Not surprisingly, they end up missing. MORAL OF THE STORY: If you take a shady charter into dangerous waters, you might end up sleeping with the fishes.

BREAKING NEWS: Dardevles still catch fish.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: So does the Jitterbug.

The Macon Journal's Emory Josey reports there are still problems with open-faced reels; proceeds to lament that we can put a man on the moon but can't make an exterior house paint that lasts more than one year.

Bad Idea of the Week: Florida Fish & Wildlife looking to open Alligators to plug fishermen. For those who don't know that ALLIGATORS EAT PEOPLE, Click Here for proof (but only if you aren't squeamish).

You're going to fish for THIS? Good luck--13 feet long, killed in (of course) Texas.

Seattle fisherman discover the pleasures of the Muskellunge. Of course, its not really a musky (its a Tiger Musky), and its being popularized by Wisconsin fishermen...

From the Obvious File: Consumers affected by declining fishing industry. Next Week: salt makes you thirsty.

Inventor of Danny Joe's Original Floater plastic worm holds a new kind of fishing tournament.

The Bakersfield Californian tells us that women can handle a rod, reports on ladies in the water.

The Texas Sportsman says that fall is a hot time for Texas bass. And Texas cheerleaders, too.

Lake Superior's water level has fallen to its lowest point ever.

The same feathers you use to tie your Parmachene Belle are used by strippers. Now you know where to get marabou for your jigs when you run out.

Racist Canadian hillbilly losers attack fishermen whose only crime was being Asian.

Trip to toney fishing lodge costs $7000 and yields only nine fish. Fisherman has gall to complain he didn't catch enough fish; doesn't say how many thousands of fish caught would have made the trip satisfying.

Norwegian billionaire and fishing fanatic John Frederikson
makes a plea to save the wild salmon.

And finally, Texas A&M crowned collegiate bass fishing champions. NCAA still undecided as to how they will meddle and destroy the nascent sport.

-- Dr. Todd

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