Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Favorite New Web Page

My favorite new web page comes from one of my favorite old web pages, Joe Yates' Web Site. Long known for his Message Board, Joe has recently posted a new page dedicated to the rare, unusual, and unique in the fishing lure world. Frequent Joe's Board users (like myself) have long marveled at the incredible tackle that circulates on this board, and now Joe has put this page up to archive some of the neatest pieces. You can access the Rare Lures Web Page and decide for yourself how cool it is.

South Bend Fly Oreno 12-Pack

My contribution is the South Bend 12-Pack, pictured as it was found (with the two incorrect painted-eye lures swapped out for correct models since this photo was taken). This is a pretty rare combo; my friend the late Cliff McDaniel owned not one but two of these beauties.

A great web site and I encourage all the readers of this blog to contribute to it.

--Dr. Todd

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