Monday, July 9, 2007

Those Canadian Lure Collectors

A few weeks ago, the Peterborough Examiner (Ontario) published a great article on Canadian fishing tackle collectors. In an article appropriately entitled "Hooked: They're like children, says the wife of an antique fishing tackle collector. Her husband agrees," Joelle Kovach profiles the newly rejuvenated Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association (CAFTA).

This fascinating article has a great interview with the son of the founder of Lucky Strike Bait Works of Peterborough, and some nice quotes from Ken Kerr, newly minted (some might say conscripted) editor of The Tackle Box, the organization's nifty newsletter. The first issue Kerr edited just reached my desk and contains a couple of neat articles, including Part I of a survey of Canadian Fluted Spinners by yours truly and a nifty overview of the Allure--the only lure ever made from the metal alloy of a jet aircraft (in this case the Avro Arrow).

Ken Kerr sent me the following information about CAFTA in the hopes that some of you may join--particularly American collectors as so much Canadian tackle makes its way across the border.

The Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association (CAFTA) is the only Canadian organizaion for avid collectors of antique tackle and has been in existence for 7 years. We currently have 74 members and hope you will join us at our shows,
exchange knowledge and tackle, and meet some fellow collectors. Memberships are $25.00 Cdn. per year, payable to:  Jim Greenaway, 88 Terrace Drive, Grimsby ON  L3M 1B5 Canada.

Having grown up on the Canadian border and having collected Canadian metal lures for twenty years, I hope you'll consider joining this organization.

--Dr. Todd

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