Friday, July 27, 2007

Celebrating Herbert Hoover, President & Fisherman

President Herbert Hoover’s love of fishing began in West Branch, Iowa on the the Wapsinonoc Creek. To celebrate Hoover's fishing achievements, as reported in The West Branch Times, the Hoover National Historic Site is working with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Mississippi River Museum to showcase both his fishing and Hoover's piscatorial influence. Love Fishing As Much As Hoover? Fest Offers Expo outlines the details of Hooverfest 2007, concentrating on both Hoover's fishing and a game called Hooverball, and will be held from August 4 to August 10.

Herbert Hoover fishing at Brown's Camp, California in August 1928

Hoover was a dedicated fisherman who received thousands of pieces of fishing tackle from admirers while in the Oval Office. He enjoyed fishing for many species but particularly enjoyed fly fishing.

This saltwater reel owned by Hoover is part of the Southern Illinois University archive

Hoover's greatest contribution to promoting the sport was his book Fishing for Fun, and Wash Your Soul, which sold many hundreds of thousands of copies and was one of the first books on fishing read by a whole generation of fishermen.

I wish I could attend Hooverfest this year but alas, I won't be able to. But if you are in Iowa the first week of August, you could do worse than celebrate Hoover's fishing heritage. And while you're there, try your hand at Hooverball.

-- Dr. Todd

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