Thursday, July 19, 2007

24 Carrot Fishing Rods

Your future collectable has just arrived--courtesy of E21, makers of the new fishing rods known as Carrot Stix. According to an article in The Providence Journal by Tom Meade:

"Carrot Stix, the veggie-based fishing rods, won the best-in-show award at the American Sportfishing Association’s international trade show this week. The carrot-orange rods are lighter than graphite, but have more stretch to land larger fish, according to David Hepworth, a director of CelluComp, the Scottish firm that developed Curran, the new material made from vegetables."

Having been written up simultaneously in The San Diego Union-Tribune, Carrot fever began to pick up steam, and reached a mania when Ken Moran wrote up the orange rods in The New York Post. When ESPN covered Carrot Stix in a feature article, the orange casters had officially arrived.

Perhaps 100 years from now collectors will find these to be the first new collectable rods of the 21st century.

-- Dr. Todd


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