Sunday, July 29, 2007

Changes to the Blog

I have made some changes to the blog. First, you'll notice on the right side there are now two lists of web sites, one entitled "The Short List of Important Links" which is pretty much what it says--a list of what I feel are "must views." Don't fret, I will be adding to this in the near future. There is another list further down the right side called "Archive of Fishing and Fishing History Links." This will be a longer list of sites of great interest and importance to fishing history.

The second change is that I am going to try and standardize the information on the blog by "scheduling" topics Monday-Friday. The schedule as of right now is as follows:

Monday: Fishing History News (discussion and links of various on-line articles of interest and importance to collectors and historians of the history of fishing and fishing tackle).

Tuesday: Voices from the Past (a selection of the great fishing writers from the past, with an emphasis on those articles of direct importance to collectors and historians).

Wednesday: Feature Article (features of varying lengths on a wide variety of topics)

Thursday: The Weekly Review (a review of literature and web sites of interest)

Friday: Editorial (Editorials on any number of subjects concerning the state of fishing and fishing tackle history).

I will post on Weekends when i feel I have something of interest/importance. And of course, the schedule will/can be interrupted due to important news or special features like the NFLCC Nationals Report.

This schedule will be permanently posted at the top of the "The Short List of Important Links" list.

One last point--PLEASE if anyone is interested in contributiing to this blog, drop me a note at -- any subject is fair game, but I am particularly interested in reviewers and editorials.

Thanks for all the kind words I've received the past few months. The blog is a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

-- Dr. Todd

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