Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Fishing Advertisement: Kool Cigarettes (1935)

What's cooler than a penguin fly fishing? A penguin fly fishing while smoking a cigarette, that's what. This is the classiest damn penguin you're ever going to find. Look at how suave he is, with his bamboo fly rod and rattan grip fishing net. It's like fly fishing in a tuxedo! He sure is … what's the word … cool.

You, too, could feel cool as a penguin smoking while fly fishing if you only spent $.15 for a pack of Kools back in 1935. "Frankly, haven't you gotten into a smoking rut? Wouldn't your old throat like a cool and pleasant change?" the ad copy asked. Because everyone knows the best way to get rid of that nagging, persistent cough is to change cigarette brands. So ditch that Lucky Strike crap -- Lucky Strike Means Fishless Tobacco -- and get with the penguin.

Catch that mild menthol flavor (and some fish) and if you save the Kool coupons, you can even get "Beautiful Premiums" like a Ladies' Traveling Case -- all for smoking just 800 packs.

How Kool is that? Oh, and don't worry about that cough, it will go away ...

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