Friday, January 25, 2013

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

Joe Brooks is featured in this 1957 press newsreel for the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament (see yesterday).

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

A Pflueger Medalist 1495 1/2 in the box is a great find.

This Talbot Premier No. 2 is a great find.

An Elto Evinrude sign is a great piece for a man cave.

Who wouldn't love this Heddon 150 in rainbow?

I have never seen an eel spear like this one before.

A Winchester bait in the box is a nice find.

Almost as nice as finding Winchester hooks in the box.

This Heddon 185 spin cast reel in the box is breaking some records.

The Lectro-Matic electric rod and reel is interesting.

Even a Leo Wise box without the mouse is causing a furor.

George Grant tied some amazing flies.

You don't see a Stubcaster in the box very often.

As always, have a great weekend, and be nice to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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