Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Review: The Colors of Bagley Web Site

There's a terrific new Bagley web site called The Colors of Bagley. It's run by Mike Metzler, and I think it is flat-out awesome.

As is well-known, I am very intrigued with the history of bass fishing, and in particular, bass fishing tackle. We are currently getting ready to launch a new book on bass fishing legend Bill Plummer. Of all the bass fishing tackle icons, I like Jim Bagley the best. The sheer fun of collecting Bagleys is hard to match anywhere -- from the most affordable to ultra rare baits, it offers something for everyone.

This site is divided into sections, but two are of the most interest to collectors. The Collections section shows some incredible displays Mike has put together on tackle ranging from Shiners and Pinfish to Shimano 201.

An important section is the Color Codes and Values which shows almost 450 different Bagley colors. When it comes to colors, it is among the most comprehensive web sites of this kind around. The pictures are clear and bright.

It also has a section for Site Links, Lures for Sale, and a Trading Post.

Overall, this is a web site you will want to bookmark. The link will be permanently available to the right.

-- Dr. Todd

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