Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Vintage Fishing Tackle on American Pickers

The Vintage Fishing Tackle on American Pickers

The popular History Channel show American Pickers in a recent episode profiled vintage tackle from a dealer in Kentucky. As I live on the Kentucky border, I laughed when they ran subtitles for the Kentuckian, as if he was speaking a foreign language. Well, maybe to West Coasters he was…

Anyway, what follows is a series of screen captures and descriptions of the tackle they showed. While they did not purchase any fishing tackle (unlike Pawn Stars the week before) it was fun nonetheless.

First teaser shot--tackle boxes! I always loved those Plano 777s like the one in the bottom left.

I can't tell you how many "piles" of rods like this I've seen before. Maybe there is something of value in it, but who can tell?

Holy…well, I've seen a pile of rods like the previous shot, but not many massive piles like this! That is a helluva lot of rods. Look mostly fiberglass but of course there may be a 7' Ed Payne bamboo fly rod in there. We can wish, can't we?

Wondered what happened to the reels? Wonder no more. Spinning reels, spincast reels, baitcaster, this guy has everything.

He seems to have a predilection for Ambassadeur casting reels. Looks like a pile of 5000 and 6000 and at least one High Speed version. Nice reels.

Time for a snack I guess. I know I'd be lightheaded by now.

Especially when those snacks are Ambassadeur casting reels. Looks like an ABU 1750A in the middle.

Also looks like a green ABU 5000 as well. Nice reels even if not in the best shape.

Didn't get much on lures, but did get to see the Mermaid lure.

This Heddon Punkinseed 9630 is a cute lure.

A lure tree, looks like a Heddon Sonic, a Bomber, a CCBC Pikie, an L&S, a Heddon plastic Meadow Mouse, an Eddie Pope Hot Shot.

A tackle box filled with reel parts.

A Hurd Supercaster.

Although they didn't buy any tackle, it's still really cool that they featured so much fishing tackle over such a long segment. Lots of the tackle shown seemed in dire need of either repair or cleaning, but that is half of the fun. And before you laugh at the giant pile of rods, keep in mind that I guarantee you in those piles are True Temper Dynamic hollow steel rods worth $75-$100, early glass casting rods which have been on the rise in price, and perhaps even some nice bamboo. Looks like a fun place; anyone know where it is??? Since it is in Kentucky, it's not far from me, but I'm also about 99% sure my Commonwealth friend John Caldwell has been through it with a fine tooth comb...

One thing's for certain, vintage tackle is on the rise, folks!

The History Channel and the show hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz do a great job on American Pickers and you can view current episodes on their Web Site.

And if you ever see vintage fishing tackle on TV, drop me a note!

-- Dr. Todd

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