Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Review: The January 2011 FATC Newsletter

Thursday Review: The January 2011 FATC Newsletter

I'm always excited to get a copy of the FATC Newsletter, the official publication of the Florida Antique Tackle Collectors. While it might seem to some that the focus of the FATC might be too narrow, I have always found that Florida seems to have attracted so many different kinds of tackle makers that no matter what your collecting interest, you'll find something to like in every issue.

Take the most recent January 2011 edition. Some changes have occurred under new editor Gary Simpson, and they should be popular ones. Starting with this issue, there are now two regular columnists--Johnny "The Bagley Fanatic" Garland and Dick "That Zebco Guy" Braun. How exciting to be able to hear from these gentleman three times per year! I have often recommended the NFLCC Gazette hire regular columnists, so it's nice to see this idea get traction.

The articles themselves were, not surprisingly, interesting and diverse. "Earl Robinson Perfects His Baits" by our friend Joe Yates is another great article about this Florida legend. Ed Weston's nifty "The Florida Surprise Minnow" is a great piece as well, and Mike Mais' "Murphy Kelly--Kelly Hand Made Lures" introduced me to this fascinating lure carver. Editor Gary Simpson's "Fishy Patchwork" was a neat look at tackle clothing patches. Finally, Paul Snider offered up tips on how to drum up leads in his "Want Tackle Leads? Go to the Fair."

Our new columnists did not disappoint. Johnny Garland profiled the Bagley Salty Dog, and Dick Braun gave us a bit of Zebco history as they enter a fourth generation.

The FATC Newsletter is published three times per year, and is edited by Gary Simpson. Information on joining the FATC, including back copies of the Newsletter, are available by Clicking Here.

As a note for those attending the great Daytona International Tackle show in two weeks, stop on by the Whitefish Press table and say hello!

-- Dr. Todd

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