Monday, September 22, 2008

News of the Week: 22 September 2008

The model for Quint in Jaws is dead at 82...striper lure maker Gary Hull has passed...Cormorants are angering more anglers...the trophy fish of Lake Erie...Chetek's Calhoun Museum is in danger of closing...a fluke slot limit...walleyes rule northern Minnesota...Georgia has a new state record gar...a fish that glows neon must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Legendary and controversial Montauk shark angler Frank Mundus--long rumored to have been the model for Quint in the movie Jaws--has passed away at the age of 82.

Striper fishing legend and lure maker Gary Hull has passed away at the age of 62.

Long time NFLCC member Dave Hartranft has passed away.

Kathy Scott--author of Moose in the Water, Bamboo on the Bench--has a new book out on bamboo rod making entitled Changing Planes.

The story of a ghillie, a woman, and a fly rod.

Cormorants are angering more fishermen...

One Kiwi writers pens an article on a (nude) fisherman the author would like to catch.

Discovering trophy Lake Erie?

The 10th IGFA Fishing Hall-of-Fame induction is next month.

The Chetek Hazel Calhoun Museum--home to some great Heddon fishing tackle--is in danger of closing.

The loss of a fishing rod is a tragedy...unless it can be fixed.

One author opines on fishing machines.

97 year old better angler than you; boats 150 pound black seabass.

Aussie fishing is hooking the internet.

The Savannah Morning News opines on the allure of lures.

ASMFC is considering a fluke slot limit

South Mississippi has set a number of state records of late.

Walleye definitely rule in northern Minnesota.

From the Obvious Files: The largemouth bass is the number one game fish in America.

Why our quest for trophies can ruin a fishing trip.

Georgia has a new state record gar.

Catching snapper is a snap.

Belleville's Mr. Bass can fish circles around anglers half his age.

Trophy stripers and wahoo are making a huge splash.

A South African village is tired of poachers and is trying to so something about it.

1912 Revisited: A visit to Prichard's Lake almost a century ago.

We're just wild about catfish...

Finishing with a Flourish: One fish, two, red fish...glow fish?

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