Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Chamberlaine Lure: UPDATE

Thought I'd pen a quick update on the Joseph E.M. Chamberlain lure I wrote about on Tuesday. The article referenced a patent, but I could not find a patent under that name. Well, along comes Joe Yates to inform me that not only did he have two patents in his name, but the newspaper actually got his name WRONG. His name was Joseph E.M. Chamberlaine (with an E at the end).

The patent information tells us a bit about the lures but not much about the man. He applied for the patents in March of 1931 and received them in consecutive numbers on 19 April 1932 as Patent #1855066 and #1855067. They cover both a single and double hook trolling spoon of interesting design. Certainly someone out there has seen this lure or owns one?

Thanks to Joe setting the record straight, and hopefully we can find more information about this fascinating character.

-- Dr. Todd

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