Monday, September 15, 2008

News of the Week: 15 September 2008

NOTE: Dr. Todd is currently without power due to Hurricane Ike (no joke -- Category 1 Hurricane force winds leave 500,000 in Cincinnati without I am filling in until Dr. T can get back up and rolling again.

How far would you go to catch a nice sailfish?

Groote Eylandt, that's where.

NASCAR crew chief having success as angler

Case Western Reserve Professor teaches freshmen the art of fly fishing

Musings on a carp fishing tournament: C.A.R.P. - An Idea Whose Time May Never Come

Aged angler overcomes 150-pounder

-- Marc T. Hanger

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Bill Sonnett said...

I sure was suprised to find out that monofiliment was invented in 1958. Especially since I bought my first spinning reel in 1955 and filled it with mono!