Monday, September 8, 2008

News of the Week: 08 September 2008

Bill Sonnett gets profiled for his antique tackle angling habits...All-Pro NFL player Matt Light makes fishing tackle furniture...the first review of the movie Bait Shop...mullets are on the move...bullheads work for stripers...a fishing club gets organized in takes 5 men 3 hours to land 700 pound catches shark, in Lake Michigan?...a profile of master rodmaker Per must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Our own beloved Bill Sonnett gets profiled by The Toledo Blade on the joys of fishing antique gear.

New England Patriots left tackle Matt Light constructs a fly-rod cabinet of wood for charity; makes John Elder jealous.

Wise bass fall for swimbaits. Wait, wouldn't that make them dumb bass?

From France: A weird article on light tackle fishing for trout.

D'Arcy Egan reviews the soon-to-be epic bomb movie Bait Shop.

The Edmond Historical Society has a display of Oklahoma fishing and tackle on exhibit.

The Mullets are cruising the beach for action...and no, we're not talking about spring break in Canada. Ironically, the article pictures a guy with a mullet. Go figure.

Speaking of Canucks, apparently they are buzzing over toothy critters.

An author previews a telemarketing late night TV fishing lure.

Bullheads are working for stripers...this headline is so much more awesome with an extra "P."

Christmas trees and fishing...or fishing Christmas trees. It's one or the other.

Night fishing made, when you use a light...

Ah, the august New York Times reports on the sport of the common man, angling.

The Kansas City Star reports on the fishing club that has sprung up in the Iraqi desert.

The Detroit Free Press profiles fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh.

Orvis and the Old Mill District team up to create an 18-station fly casting course.

It takes 5 Men to land a 700-pound sturgeon in B.C. I bet Bill Sonnett could have landed it with his Pflueger Supreme all by himself.

Michigan man claims to catch two-foot Lake Michigan.

The future of fishing?

A future I can get with: teaching kids how to fly fish.

Finishing With a Flourish: A profile of Per Brandin, master rod maker.

-- Dr. Todd

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