Thursday, August 21, 2008

UPDATE: Wigart Glirr Info Part 2


It is very cool when something works like you hope it will--this is certainly the case with the UNID Files #2: The Case of the Paper Minnow. It was positively ID'd by Jerry Martin and Joe Stag. Jerry referenced an ad which I had in my files; now, to top it off, Gary Steenbergen sends us a copy of the original packaging AND the box (or envelope in this case) papers! Amazing. Gary found this without the lure; so it is pretty cool we now know what the lure looks like, and its original packaging, and its national advertising! Nifty.

A couple of cool things about this material--including the fact that the copy reads "Reg. U.S. Pat. Office" implying the name was trademarked. Gary writes: "What's glirr skin? I am assuming it is a localized slang word for bird fish or animal.. have searched the net and found nothing thought you might ask the ??? on the blog." Indeed, what turns transparent in the water? Shark skin, as was posited before? I did a cursory search of patent files for "transparent minnow" in 1923 and 1924 and didn't find anything like this.

Regardless, thanks a ton to Gary and everyone who contributed to solve this mystery. Got a few more UNIDs to work on, maybe we can come up with another hit!

-- Dr. Todd


Jim Scouler writers to let us know that he ran the word "Glirr" through some language translators, and discovered that Glirr is Swedish for "small fish," which I take as synonymous with Minnow. Makes a lot of sense to me!

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Erik said...

Hello there!
Wigarts glirr is a patended Swedish lure. If someone wants some pics and info, give me an mailadress to send to!!
Very interessting, i thought it was only sold in Sweden!!!

Erik Eriksson