Monday, August 11, 2008

News of the Week: 11 August 2008

A dead angler's last wish is to be ground into fish as an olympic sport?...remembering Edward D. Ibbotson...the New Zealand mud snail is the newest invasive species...the Mystic Tackle BioPulse lure has anglers twitching in excitement...considering mini baits...skimming fake frogs...catching Wahoo without a hook...celebrating the life of fly tying legend Helen must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Dying angler's last wish is to be cremated and mixed with chum to make fish food. Really. an olympic sport?

A popular Ashtubula marina collapses.

The Bradenton Herald declares that fishermen stretch the impossible.

Utica OD remembers the passing of Edward D. Ibbotson (of Horrocks-Ibbotson fame).

One author gets lured into the "which lure is better" debate.

First rock the invasive New Zealand mud snail. A collective "ewww" may now be released.

In Malaysia, the fish come fast and furious.

One angling writer has a tackle shop buddy make him up the perfect small tackle box of baits.

Gordon McHenry opines on the Mystic Tackle BioPulse lure.

Sharks are biting lures?

British kids are fishing with national soccer hero Jack Charlton.

Perhaps you should consider mini baits.

The Saipan Tribune reports on Micronesia's most popular fishing tournament.

A profile of Rhonda Wright, owner of the Brickyard Bait & Tackle.

The Washington Times reports on how angling is attempting to lure women.

Why Wales is one whale of a fishing spot.

From the Making Don Wheeler Happy Files: How skimming Fake Frogs can tempt a hungry bass.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune opines on the rise and decline of fly fishing.

A Wheaton (Illinois) fishing derby honors a fallen soldier.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on Tom "Musky" Wehler.

Florida angler boats state record Blue Catfish.

From the Cayman Islands comes a how-to on catching Wahoo without a hook.

A Newport angler catches an Electric Torpedo Ray...and yes, I had to look it up to see what one looked like. Hint: try to avoid putting your hand in its mouth as it delivers 220 volts.

The art and science of fly fishing.

15 year old much better angler than you, catches nearly five pound crappie.

Finishing with a Flourish: Dan Basore passes on news that there will be a Memorial Service at the Red Rock Historical Society to celebrate the extraordinary life of Helen Shaw Kessler, famous fly tyer.

-- Dr. Todd

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