Thursday, August 7, 2008

History of Cotton Cordell, by Todd Long, Part II

Today, we get part two of Todd Long's neat History of Cotton Cordell. This part focusses on why collect Cordell, and concludes with some color catalog cuts and photos from Todd's collection.

“Top” SPOTS and Chuggers, Part 2

by Todd Long, NFLCC - Galveston, TX

Why I Collect Spots and Chuggers

“Gosh those pretty Bagleys are high. We have enough quarters to buy two Cordell Spots or, one super realistic Balsa bait that hurts so bad when it snags bottom.”

I still have some of the Spots I purchased during those fun summer days. I’m also happy to find that although my pocketbook has grown a little since those lean years during the 70s and 80s, the price of my faved Spots has not. They’re still bringing $3 to $6 each and that makes collecting them more fun. I’ve noticed that when collecting starts hurting the bank account too much, it hurts so much of the fun of it all…This is one reason I enjoy collecting Spots. Not only because of their affordable price, but also because of the endless colors and variations showing up online, at shows and in friend’s tackle boxes. So, my search has yet to grow stale. When it does, heck, I’ll just start on another of the five sizes Cordell produced!

Cordell “Hot” Spots are also known as “one-knock” spots because of the single lead weight or ball that “knocks” inside their body when retrieved rapidly. Cordell also produced “floating” spots, “rattlin” spots and “top” spots, just to name a few. Heck, even today some fisherman are reluctant to share the fact that these little baits can still produce a stringer of bass with other conventional lures aren’t producing. The unique “knocking” sound isn’t always found in today’s lures and will often trigger a strike when nothing else works.

Some photos of our Spot Collections and Catalog Cuts:

Cordell ½ oz. Spots

Cordell 1 oz. Spots

Cordell “Top” Spots

Cordell Spots – Colors and Sizes (Catalog Image 1)

Cordell Spots – Colors and Sizes (Catalog Image 2)

Cordell Spots – Colors and Sizes (Catalog Image 2)

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