Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Review of the June 2008 NFLCC Gazette

A Review of the June 2008 NFLCC Gazette

The June mails brought a nice treat in the form of the latest The NFLCC Gazette for June, 2008 (Vol. 32, No. 116), which brings a number of nice articles to light.

Eric Borgerding gives us a detailed history entitled “A Real Good Wiggle and Shake: The Untold Story of Wisconsin’s Tony Burmek and his Secret Musky Bait,” which covers this awesome musky lure company from its inception to about 1957 (part 2 to come). A really, really good story, well written and illustrated profusely. Eric has contributed some outstanding works of late and this is no exception!

Another top notch author is Colby Sorrels of Texas, author of the “Enduring Zara,” not surprisingly an overview of one of the most important topwater lures ever made. Colby also contributed a nice piece on the Karl and Beverly White National Fishing Tackle Museum.

Anytime we get an article from Jack Looney I am happy, and this issue’s “Next Catch” is no exception.

Robert Vermillion’s nice “Kellers Gets-Em” profiles this interesting lure maker.

Bill Baab, a noted outdoor writer, penned a great piece entitled “Bobby Jones & E.L. ‘Buck’ Perry,” illustrating for us the relationship between the famous golfer and the famous angler.

There were some smaller articles, including Ed Bartley and Bill Marsh’s “Bartley Measle Lures,” about this small tackle maker from Tennessee. Marc Dixon wrote two articles, “Heavy Metal” and “The Best of Times.” Curt Conner’s excellent “Lazy Ike Collection and the Woman Who Made My Day,” first posted on Joe’s Board, is a heartwarming tale for those who missed it earlier.

The NFLCC Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming.

-- Dr. Todd

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