Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Video of the Week

Captain Miller has a bit of trouble tying a knot....

Things I Would Buy If I Could Afford Them

This is an interesting Maine made creel.

South Bend/Cross marketed some very underappreciated fly rods, including this 8 1/2 foot Model #346.

While not rare, the Pflueger Fas-Kast shows up in the box much more infrequently than most Pflueger reels.

H.D. Folsom Arms Co. trade rods have attracted greater attention of late, and this fly rod is no exception. Plus you might get a $1 bill as an added bonus.

This Cozzone German Silver #60 fly reel is a rare bird indeed.

Walt Carpenter, who worked for the Leonard Rod Company, made some damn fine fly rods.

I think more than a few people will be surprised that a Pflueger 4 Brothers fly reel can command these kind of prices.

A Heddon Spin Diver is always a nice find, even in less than perfect condition.

This early Van Staal has spinning reel collectors in a frenzy.

Bronson Invaders continue to impress.

Here's a Sears Ted Williams model....

Usually Pflueger reels command all the attention, but this week two lures in scramble finish are stealing the show. Both of them are Pal-O-Mines, this one and this one, but only one is shown.

Don't know much about Ben Smith shrimp lures, but they have great eye appeal.

This Bagley Killer B shows that this company's lures are still going strong.

This Heddon Zaragossa in gorgeous big Green Scale is a lure with real curb appeal.

A CCBC Surface Dingbat in black with white spots? Nice find.

Sinker and hook tins get the short shrift; this Wells Sporting Goods Co. model may help reverse that.

This Doug English Pluggin' Shorty lure shows the interest in Texas baits is still strong.

This George Burtis fly book containing 11 marked Burtis spinners, despite its massive opening bid, is a fantastic find.

A Heddon 3-25 German Silver casting reel makes for a wonderful display or to take out casting vintage tackle.

Have a safe weekend, and as always, be nice to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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