Monday, June 9, 2008

News of the Week: 09 June 2008

Striper fishing is one man turned the Tackle Tube into a career...the joys of sight casting...the IGFA releases its new world records...the 18-inch fluke limit has surfcasters up in arms...the Teton Fly Reel Co. spearheads an effort to arm our soldiers with rods and reels...why polarized glasses are the most important piece of tackle in an angler's kit...Joe Sayers has invented a new bass lure...the Ultimate Fishing Watch is a dud...deliberating whether to ditch that old rod and reel...California bucks the national fishing must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: This Pinconning resident turned his passion for fishing into a lucrative business.

A father-son team who gets caught up in the magic of fishing.

Lures, tackle and tales in Idaho. Complete with world's creepiest fishing photo.
The addiction of striper fishing is one you won't want to kick.

Sight casting can bring some very big fish.

The IGFA has released its list of the world record catches for the month of May.

This Ohio Musky angler lands a 46 pounder.

The new 18-inch limit on fluke has surfcasters seeing red.

The Teton Fly Reel Company has close ties to Iraqi soldiers.

Nick Simonson argues that the most valuable tool in the angler's arsenal are polarized sunglasses.

Robert Spurlock of Duluth, MN catches fish every day....from his wheelchair.

Scented lures smell just like a dispute.

Announcing: Bass--the Movie.

The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks now houses the state record catfish, in addition to the Karl White collection of Fishing Tackle.

Joe Sayers of Battle Creek, Michigan has invented a new bass lure.

The Austin Daily Herald profiles the NFLCC's Larry Sundall.

The truth on why lady bass are better fighters.

This unique fishing event is designed for disabled children.

Bob Philips is following his dream, hoping to make a living hand-crafting fishing lures.

The Watertown Daily Times recalls fondly the late Rod & Reel television show hosted by Don Meissner.

Why planing boards are good for walleye fishing.

The Miami Herald pronounces the Ultimate Fishing Watch an ultimately difficult gizmo to get working.

From the Thoughtful Files: One man finds it hard to discard an old rod and reel.

Finishing with a Flourish: A surge in interest in fishing and hunting in California is bucking the national trend.

-- Dr. Todd

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Nathan said...


You may be interested to know that the news from California is a little deceptive. Notice that they only show a slight increase in licenses sold. The California population grew during that time (how much I don't know, but probably a lot). They need to demonstrate an increase in percentage relative to the population, not simply an increase in the amount.