Monday, June 16, 2008

News of the Week: 16 June 2008

Monkeys who fish better than you...the return of the Thomas Rod Company...more on the tragedy at Lake angler's boat is dedicated to a good cause...Bill Dance gets profiled...a tackle box used as a meth angling haberdasher...a dream of big musky...the new head of L&S tries to reinvent the fishing must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: In the most emailed story in Fishing for History's history, Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish; somewhere Charlton Heston is yelling "get your hands off my salmon, you damn dirty ape!"

The legendary Thomas Rod Company is back in business and gets written up in the Bangor Daily News.

A Heat Wave awakens the big largemouths.

The Toledo Blade opines on a group of fishing cronies who have angled for over four decades.

Australia's South Coast Register touts a trio of lures for bream and trout.

More on the Lake Delton disaster.

For those of you into the pro bass tour, Charlie Hartley keeps a regular blog over on ESPN.

Fishing World argues swim jigs are not just for largemouth.

There is some hot fishing in the everglades.

The Huntsville Times reviews the carrot stick.

A tale of mosquitos, flies, and fly fishing.

This fisherman's boats honors his wife's memory by promoting organ donation.

American Profile outlines the story of Bill Dance.

Fishing can be pretty sweet with Mr. Snook.

A popular fishing tackle owner shop passes away.

The Ruskin Woman's Club Catfish Tournament was a big hit.

From the I Expected a Heddon 150 File: An Athens, Ohio man goes dumpster diving and finds a meth lab inside a tackle box.

This haberdasher hopes to hook anglers with his fishing chapeaus.

The Fayetteville Museum of Art profiles the work of Yvette Dede, who makes oversized drawings of such mundane day-to-day items as fishing tackle.

The gas crisis is hurting anglers everywhere.

Canada's Wawatay News holds the great debate about baits.

Fly Expert Doug Olmstead gives his tips on striper fishing.

Dave Richey is dreaming of big musky.

Brian Thompson runs a one-man shop repairing rods and reels.

A fisherman is impressed with the effectiveness of artificial bait. Also marvels at something called an "autogyro" and gets all flummoxed by the new-fangled invention called a telephone.

The head of L&S Lures is trying to reinvent the lure.

-- Dr. Todd

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