Monday, December 10, 2007

The News of the Week, 10 December 2007

A 54" size limit on Wisconsin musky...angling, Moscow style...lots of Christmas ideas for the fishermen....why women are better at fishing then men...a tackle company needs a multimillion dollar loan to stay afloat...the joys of the Kiwi Moki...a revolutionary new natural fiber from Japan called Spider must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The Green Bay Press Gazette details the touchy subject of big muskellunge, and whether we should be allowed to keep them or not...

Classic Angling's Keith Elliott on fishing,
Russian style

The Glasgow Sunday Herald profiles Paul Devlin, the Johnny Morris of Scotland.

The Orlando Sentinel tells us that the Largemouth is overrated as a fighting fish; for real fun, try their list of the top 10 saltwater fighters.

Dave Richey--brother of the late outdoor writer George Richey--opines on f-f-f-frozen fish.

More Christmas gifts for the fisherman.

Even more Christmas ideas.

And now, more Christmas ideas for angler. Are you sensing a theme?

At least The Louisville Courier Press got it right...forget tackle, give of your time.

This week in Know Your New Zealand Fish: The Moki.

Britain's Silver Wilkie opines on his first

This Is North Scotland declares women are better than men at fishing. interviews not one but two tackle manufacturers at the same time.

The Eden Prairie News wants your best fish stories. The real ones, that is.

Luck E Strike bait company (not to be confused with the the Lucky Strike Bait Works from Canada) gets a $2.3 million payout to avoid bankruptcy.

The Nevada Appeal writes up the trophy browns of Lake Alamanor, California.

From the Sad Files: The sturgeons days may be numbered in Alabama.

From Japan comes news of a new, super thin "Spider Silk" from Japan that may revolutionize fishing.

The Frederick News Post reports on Dan Meekins' 50 pound, 51 inch striper.

FINISHING WITH A FLOURISH: The East Oregonian profiles Cheryl Haertling's beautiful prize winning photo, "Boy Fishing".

Have a safe and productive week!

-- Dr. Todd

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