Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dr. Takayuki Shiraiwa's Japanese Angling Web Site (In English)

I have recently discovered a great web site in Japan on fishing and fishing history run by Dr. Takayuki Shiraiwa, an associate professor at a national research institute who specializes in the conservation of the natural environment.

Dr. Takayuki

Dr. Takayuki's web site (called Beringia) is primarily concerned with Japanese lures, but since so many plastic collectors in America are fascinated by the Heddon Smith lures and others sold/made in Japan, this site should be a welcome addition to your bookmarks page. It has selections on crazy crawlers, American lures, handcrafted lures, and even has a message board where you can ask questions on Japanese tackle.

Of particular interest to me is the section on handcrafted Japanese lures, like the Dowluck models pictured below. They are extremely high quality and beautiful pieces and highly collectible, from what I can tell.

If he has time, Dr. Takayuki has said he will contribute a piece or two to this blog, which I'm sure would be welcomed by everyone. In the meantime, enjoy Beringia. I love how international fishing is, and this web site is one of the best international ones I have run across.

-- Dr. Todd

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