Monday, December 3, 2007

News of the Week, 03 December 2007

The joys of Physh Ed classes...the dope on the DOA Lure Iowan boats a 40 pound Northern Pike...The Kiwis love their Trevally...a world record Croaker...mystery fish stumps locals down under...a Louisville tackle shop persecuted by local city must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

THE BIG LEAD: The NFLCC, ORCA, and a cast of familiar collecting characters make up the bulk of a lengthy article on fishing tackle and collecting.

Classic Angling's Keith Elliott opines on valuable fishing books.

BREAKING NEWS: Florida ranks #1 in sport angling.

The Stamford Advocate informs us on Physh Education classes.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette declares that Lake Erie anglers must change tactics when the weather gets cold. Next Week: How to make a football field look like a peat bog.

The Tampa Bay Tribune features Marc Nichols and his DOA Lure Company.

An Iowa angler boats a 40 pound northern pike.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fish: The Trevally.

Phil White weighs in with the eBay Report for November.

Ben Wright details the best in spinning reels from the past month.

Ever heard of a Croaker? Neither had I. But a Virginia fisherman has caught a world record 8 pound 11 ounce Croaker. reports that Rapala is revamping its French holdings; For those who want to read the actual Rapala press release, click here.

This Is Swansea reports on the beauty of cod fishing.

Mystery fish washes up on Australian shore, puzzles locals.

The UK's Fish & Fly reports on the many fishing attractions of Belize.

The Tampa Tribune reports that the trout future is bright.

When is a bass too big? The Louisville Courier reports on moronic local officials persecuiting Pepper's Bait Shop for having a fiberglass bass they want to define as a "nonconforming" sign.

Yale's Peabody Museum and its new fishing exhibit gets some more press.

Orvis' home town newspaper unveils the latest rod from the firm.

The Conway Daily Sun opines on what not to give a fisherman for Christmas.

On the other hand, The Chico Enterprise Record tells you the perfect gift for the fisherman. Don't you like it when things balance out? reviews a Balsa lure that flat out performs.

FINISHING WITH A FLOURISH: The Toledo Blade profiles NFLCC member and beloved Univesity of Toledo head football coach Tom Amstutz, also known as Tom Toledo.

Have a good week out there. Be kind to others, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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