Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spring Fever ca. 1912

My fishing vacation is just a couple of weeks away and I can't wait. While everyone else I know seems to have already hit their fishing openers, my opening day is still two weeks away. But rest assured I feel the same as the fisherman reported in the 10 May 1912 Wall Street Journal.

Spring Fever

Amidst the mahogany-plush of his elaborate suite of offices near the top of one of the Wall street skyscrapers the finacier sat looking out across the harbor. At his left hand lay a pile of unopened letters and at his right a neat pile of letters unsigned, and the cards of three callers lay unheeded on the desk before him. His secretary had about concluded that only a new issue of stock or an increase in dividends could justify so long a period of introspection, and had about decided that the time to go long of a small block had arrived, when the financier came to and touched a button.

"Get me a New Haven time-table," he said to the boy, and to the secretary. "Telephone to the house and have my fishing tackle got ready."

I know the feeling all too well. A big stack of papers on the right, a stack of manuscripts on the left, and all I can think about is going fishing. I should go get my tackle ready.

--Dr. Todd

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