Monday, May 21, 2007

Kansas City Show Report & Pics

The Kansas City show ended a week ago and was apparently a great hit. Casey Jones was kind enough to report in on the show, and Jack Looney provided some photographs. Looks like I'll have to make it out that way next year!

The KC show was great as always. The room trading was good friday night and the food in the hospitality room was even better. As I roamed in and out of the hospitality room I could hear Warren Platt telling stories of the old days. Come to think of it he is about the only one I could hear talking in there. I dont think anybody else could get a word in.(LOL)

Saturday morning the show got starter early . I was surprised to see how much stuff was on tables that I did not see in the rooms the night before. I was able to pick up a few C.A. Clark baits for my collection and was able to add a few things to other peoples collections. But most importantly I was able to visit with old friends and
made a few new ones. Jack and Don did a great job at putting on a first class show. I hope every body that can make it to a show this year will. I know gas prices are up but for the most part the lures prices are down a little so it kind of evens its self out.

See ya at the next one,

Casey Jones

All photos courtesy of Jack Looney.

Thanks to Casey and Jack for giving us a glimpse of a great show!

--Dr. Todd

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