Saturday, May 5, 2007

1960 Zebco Article

Zebco has become increasingly popular among collectors, and rightly so. This outstanding firm is still putting out quality products 60 years after its founding, and besides, how many of us caught our first fish on a push-button Zebco reel? There is a pleasing continuity in the fact that I did, and now so has my little daughter. Because there is renewed interest in Zebco reels, here is an interesting vignette from the 1960 Los Angeles Times on Zebco history that some of you may find of interest.

For a print-ready copy of this article, Click Here

Even if these kinds of articles are not pathbreaking, I enjoy them as they offer insight into how fishing and tackle was marketed nationally. This is from a prominent West Coast newspaper and probably helped spur the good Zebco name.

If anyone has similar articles they would like to share on any aspect of fishing and fishing history, please contact me.

--Dr. Todd

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