Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fishing & Fishing Tackle Museums Part II

There appear to be a number of other fishing history museums and displays.

I think there is a display in South Bend, IN of South Bend fishing tackle as well, I can't remember the details but I think it had something to do with the Studebaker museum?

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago recreated in one of their displays a Fishing store from the South Pacific, circa 1960, complete with fishing tackle.

Tom Greene Tom Greene who has a huge collection of reels, runs a tackle shop in Lighthouse Point, Florida called Custom Rod & Reel, I think he occasionally displays his impressive collection at this store.

Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield, MO had a huge display (Clyde Harbin's collection) for many years. They may have busted it up to stock other BPS stores with tackle displays.

The American Fly Fishing Museum in Manchester, Vermont is one of the neatest museums on fishing history in America. It has a ton of tackle, including some very rare items, and a world-class reel collection.

The Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in Livingston Manor, New York used to have a web site but it appears to be broken.

The Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum in Harrisburg, PA has a nice web site.

The Wonders of Wildlife Museum has The American Sportsman's Heritage Center which apparently has a historical tackle display.

There used to be a neat tackle museum in Osseo, WI run by Arlan Carter but it closed a few years back. Gladding used to have a tackle museum in Otsego, New York, but it closed as well.

--Dr. Todd

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