Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cincinnati's Buckeye United Fly Fishing Club

Last evening I had the great pleasure of addressing the members of the Cincinnati-based Buckeye United Fly Fishing Club. The title of my talk was "Professional Fly Tying in the Victorian Era," a subject I am particularly interested in and have seriously researched. Of course, in around 35 minutes, there is only so much information one can hope to get across, but from the many nice comments I received after the presentation, I think it wasn't too disappointing. I truly believe we must understand where we come from as fishermen and women if we want to truly appreciate the outdoors, and I hope my small contribution helped all the many fly tiers in attendance better appreciate their craft.

The Buckeye United Fly Fishing Club (BUFF) is one of the largest and most vibrant fly fishing clubs in America, and has hundreds of dedicated members who hold regular trips all around the country. It is a model of how such an organization should be run; I've been to two meetings and I have to say, having attended many meetings in the past for Trout Unlimited and other organizations, I don't believe I've ever been to one where the members laughed as much as at the BUFF meetings. They are truly having a blast promoting their passion, and best of all, they have not forgotten the joy of simply fishing. If you are from the Cincinnati area, join the club. If you aren't, check out their great website at:

Buckeye United Fly Fishing Club

You'll find lots of information on fishing, fishing history, and fly tying. In particular, check out the Fly of the Month from Joe Cornwall.

Special thanks go out to Mary and Paul Barber, Lee Chambers, Steve Lilly, Randy Clark, and Lou Haynes for their tremendous hospitality.

--Dr. Todd

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