Monday, November 17, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Haskell Minnow Sells for $8000.00

The recent fairly unpublicized auction of A Rare Haskell Minnow went to auction today; this beautiful lure sold for a hammer price of $8000.00. When the 18% buyer's premium ($1440.00) and shipping, taxes, and insurance are factored in, it looks like the lure sold for approximately $9500.00 -- not a record but a solid price for an auction with little fishing tackle.

What would this Haskell have brought at Lang's? A Baby Haskell Minnow brought over $20,000.00 with buyer's fee in 2012, so it's possible this one would have exceeded (possibly far exceeded) the $8000.00 hammer price. In fact, no Haskell Minnow sold by Lang's has sold for LESS than $20,000.00 with fees since Live Auctioneers began recording final value prices for Lang's auctions. So it's pretty fair to say that it went for a good buyer's price.

Regardless, the bottom line is someone added a really iconic piece of tackle to their collection!

-- Dr. Todd

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