Monday, September 22, 2014

In the News: The Wonders of Wildlife Museum

Bill Bates sent this article in and it’s an interesting one, as it deals with the fate of the Wonders of Wlldlife Museum. Bill writes: “The Wonders Of Wildlife Museum has a curious history having opened a number of years ago and then closed for years for this make-over.   It is next door to the Bass Pro HQ store and it sounds like the Fishing Heritage Center will be open by the time of the 2015 Nationals in Springfield.  I don't know what the historical fishing artifacts will be but if it is like many of their other projects, it should be something to see.”

It will be fascinating to see if the Clyde Harbin collection will FINALLY see the light of day. Those of us who’ve been collecting since the 1980s have distinct memories of Clyde and his collection.

— Dr. Todd

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