Thursday, September 13, 2012

THURSDAY REVIEW: September 2012 Reel News

THURSDAY REVIEW: September 2012 Reel News

The mailbox had a sweet surprise in store for me--the September 2012 issue of The Reel News, the official organ of ORCA. This issue was packed to the gills with great stuff.

We lead off with a great article by Michael Hackney called "A John Betts Reel" in which he breaks down a hand-made reel from this fly fishing master inside and out. It's a great overview.

Bob Miller outdid himself with "Pflueger FIshing Lines: A Brief History" which is a detailed history of the lines made by Enterprise Manufacturing of Akron, Ohio. It's an awesome article.

Stu Lawson's always interesting column gives us a ton of "Seldom Seen Reels and features the Ercoa, Whirlaway, Flo-Line, and other oddballs I love.

Jim Schottenham's always interesting "Auction Report" showcases a ton of reels that were awesome on eBay. It's always one of my favorite things.

Ben Wright's Spinning Lines column covers a super rare wooden Australian fishing reel in"The Holy Grail of Aussie Spinning Reels"

Mike Cacioppo gives us "The Penn Bay Side, Sea Ford, and Sea Kings: Questionable Beginnings" covering these early Penn reels. It's a well-done article as always.

My own contribution was "L.A.'s William H. Hoegee Co." and it covered this firm's nifty Penguin brand trade reels.

Another great issue from this great organization.

If you are not an ORCA member--come on people, JUST DO IT--you can join us by Clicking Here. The Reel News is lovingly edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

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