Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fishing Themed Magazine Cover, Part IV

I've really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite fishing themed magazine covers (Click Here for Part I, Click Here for Part II and Click Here for Part III), so I'm back with ten more nifty vintage fishing covers from magazines not specifically aimed at the fishing reader.

Children's magazines used fishing covers often, including this neat one.

1930s Story-A-Day children's weekly magazine.

Often you find fishing themed magazines in strange places, like this literary magazine I'd never heard of before.

1928 Transmitter magazine.

Fishing made the cover of popular magazines, too, like this Coronet cover. Coronet was one of the nation's most popular magazines.

1950s Coronet magazine.

Perhaps the iconic magazine of the first 60 years of the 20th century was The Saturday Evening Post. They utilized great fishing covers, including the following four examples.

1908 Saturday Evening Post.

1957 Saturday Evening Post.

1959 Saturday Evening Post.

1959 Saturday Evening Post.

Foreign magazines often got into the mix, including these two Columbian hobby magazines from the '40s.

1942 Columbian Hobby magazine.

1943 Columbian Hobby magazine.

We'll end this edition with the coolest cover of them all, this lovely 1921 Life magazine cover of a fly angler and her beau. Beautiful!

1921 Life magazine cover.

-- Dr. Todd

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