Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Voices from the Past: Whopper Stopper Lures (1964)

We often wonder how a lure goes from idea to prototype to production. The following short article from The Coshocton Tribune for 03 September 1964 features the production methods employed by Jodie Grigg, founder of the great Whopper Stopper lure company. It's an interesting little article...

Designer of Fishing Lures Good Listener

SHERMAN, Tex. (UPI) - Jodie Grigg thinks he listens to more fish stories than anyone else alive. It's his business.

By hearing fishermen describe how they made a prize catch, or how the "big one got away," Grigg develops lures for the company he heads (Whopper - Stopper Inc.).

Grigg also gets ideas for new artificial fishing bait from his own salesmen and dealers. His most popular lures are the Whopper-Stopper, which has been catching fish for nearly 20 years, and the "Hellbender," the "Bayou Boogie" and the "Hellraiser."

During the five years the "Hellbender" has been in pro diction, Grigg said, he has improved it three times by heed ing the word of anglers.

How does a lure come into being?

"After we decide on a design," he said, "a wooden model has got to be made employing the final plug's actual dimensions. Once we get the desired balance and action, a plastic model is made and any necessary adjustments during the transition from wood to plastic are made. It's then sent to the die or molding maker. Once we get the mold, we do the rest — pouring, assembling and painting."

-- Dr. Todd

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