Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Overheard At Fort Wayne

Overheard in the hallways of the Fort Wayne Hilton:

-- "It's just not the same without Dick Streater" (Moose missed only his second Nationals since they began)

-- "You know that Creek Chub you thought about buying in Room XXX? The one with the crisp box? Well, I couldn't help myself. I bought it." (This was followed by a crestfallen look)

-- "I can't stand Bagleys." (Uttered by a guy with a room full of overpriced Heddons)

-- "Did you see this [Bagley] DB3 I got on the fifth floor?" (Collector A excitedly to Collectors B,C, & D in the hallway outside my room)

-- "He won't put that kind of money into something unless it shows a tiny bit of honest wear." (Seller A explaining to Seller B why a particular heavy hitter walked away from a screaming mint bait)

-- "I haven't seen a tough Millsite for sale in any of the rooms."

-- "Room #XXX has the best free food." (Collector A to Collector B, comparing the freebies)

-- "I asked the guy how much the lure was. He immediately launched into a story about it. Did you ever notice that any time a story precedes the price, you can't afford the bait?"

-- "I never go into a room if all I can see from the hallway are a pair of feet propped up on the bed."

-- "I remember a time when I thought $50 for a lure would be the end of tackle collecting."

-- Dr. Todd

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