Friday, July 20, 2012

Overheard At Fort Wayne Part II

Overheard At Fort Wayne Part II

"This is the NFLCC Nationals? Why are all the tables covered? And where are all the people?" (New Collector at 1st NFLCC Nationals, looking around the floor at 2:45 on Friday Afternoon)

"He has nineteen different Michigan Life-Likes? I can't even get a collection of nineteen Heddon spooks together."

"The longer he pauses before giving you a price, the less chance you're going to be able to afford it."

"I knew I did bad on that one. He couldn't get his money out quick enough."

COLLECTOR A: "If I had his money, I'd have a collection like that, too."
COLLECTOR B: "If you had his money, all you'd have is a bigger pile of s*it."

"It's nearly impossible to explain how great that reel collection is. There just isn't a frame of reference that makes sense for most people." (COLLECTOR A to COLLECTOR B, on the Best in Show Award winning display of Jim Schottenham)

"This is Fort Wayne, not New York City!" (Collector A to Collector B after getting the bill at a local bistro)

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