Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's New from the Whitefish Press?

What's New from the Whitefish Press?

NFLCC Nationals saw the launch of five -- count 'em FIVE -- new titles on the history of fishing tackle from The Whitefish Press.

The first is Tom Jacomet and Dennis Boulais' much anticipated The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide. The Limited Edition hardcover sold out in four days (it is spectacular) but now the gorgeous softcover is shipping! Early reviews are dynamite as this promises to be THE definitive work on the subject for the foreseeable future. It's $39.95 and you can learn more by Clicking Here.

The next book we launched was the first volume in the History of Illinois Fishing Tackle by Steve Lumpkin. This book--The Jointed River Minnow--covers the many permutations of this iconic style fishing lure, developed in Illinois. A few copies of the hardcover Limited Edition are still available. Trust me -- when the entire set is out it will be one of the finest tackle collecting resources ever published. The softcover is $39.95 and you can learn more by Clicking Here, and the Limited Edition Hardcover is $74.95 and can be found by Clicking Here

The third book we launched is an exceptionally detailed history of Bill Plummer fishing lures as well as the fishing lures of Harrison Industries, and was written by former Harrison Industries employee Tom Fusco. Some of Fusco's detailed history covers such popular lures as the Vivif, Rocky Minnow, Johnny O'Neill Weed Wing, Panther Martin, Cree-Duk, Vibra-Bat, and of course the Bill Plummer Bass Frog, as well as a number of spinning reels, rods, and terminal tackle. In my opinion it's the finest book yet published on a post-World War II tackle company. It is a thick softcover, and costs $39.95 and you can learn more by Clicking Here.

The fourth book launched at NFLCC Nationals--W.H. Dingley the Master Reelmaker--is a really amazingly detailed history of W.H. Dingley, England's most notable 20th century reelmaker. From Hardy's to Foster's to his own shop, Pat Garner and Brian Taylor cover every known detail about one of the most beloved reelmakers in history. The Limited Edition of 75 hardcovers sold out in six days, but the softcover (which has now shipped to 20 different countries) is available and $39.95. You can Click Here to learn more.

Last but not least, we have Brent Vonderheide's new book The Collector's Guide to Glass Minnow Traps. One of the nation's premier trap collectors, Vonderheide covers virtually every known glass minnow trap. With clear photos, descriptions, a value guide, and a detailed appendix chronicling the history of the glass minnow trap, this is the book that collectors have been wishing for! We sold out of this at NFLCC Nationals but now have more copies in to ship. The book is just $19.95 and you can learn more by Clicking Here.

We're on our way to ORCA Nationals where we plan to launch a sixth book--Bob Halver's A Collector's Guide to Bache Brown & Airex/Lionel FIshing Tackle. More details on this beauty will be forthcoming!

So yes, we've been busy here at the Whitefish Press. We thank each and every one of you for supporting us, and we look forward to publishing some dynamite late summer and fall offerings!

-- Dr. Todd

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