Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Legend of Bigfoot the Bass

The "Bigfoot" of Bass

Somewhere, in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, lives a largemouth bass so big and so wild it's never been brought to boat. It lives on a massive brush pile in about 15 feet of water in one of those spring fed lakes Aldo Leopold fell in love with all those years ago. He's been a resident for at least five years.

We call him Bigfoot. He's been hooked twice this spring and busted off lines both times -- not just light line, either. I believe my brother caught him five years ago--and he was 20" and weighed five pounds then.

On my visit north I threw everything but the kitchen sink at Bigfoot but to no avail. On a particularly hot day I decided to send down my brother-in-law and my new underwater camera to see if he could get video of Bigfoot's haunts. Here is what he found:

It's definitely Bigfoot and he's surrounded by about 100,000 silver shiners. Here's another video showing Bigfoot, like his namesake, in grainy, out-of-focus, slightly obscured video:

So here's your "Bigfoot" shot of Bigfoot. Just like the cryptozoologists like!

I'll be leading a second expedition up to catch him at the end of the month...

-- Dr. Todd

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