Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Voices from the Past: Mrs. Herman Mann (1910)

The following article was published in Forest & Stream on July 16, 1910 and features one of the great early female anglers, Mrs. Herman Mann of New York City.

A Successful Woman Angler

I am sending you a photograph of Mrs. Herman Mann and a 28-pound muskallonge that she caught on June 3, the second day's fishing that she had after her arrival at Clayton on June 1. Mrs. Mann is a resident of New York city. She comes here every season and has been very lucky in catching large muskallonge. She is also quite a black bass and wall-eyed pike fisherwoman as well, but her specialty is fishing for muskallonge. She has caught more and larger muskallonge than any other fisherman or woman that comes to the Thousand Islands.

-- R.P. Grant

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